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Throwing It All Away – Blockpour On-Chain This Week


This issue of Blockpour On-Chain This Week features data from an ancient Ethereum wallet that woke up to start moving their ICO tokens.

Traders haven’t yet been going crazy for $ARKM, but the opening of claims caused a stir in the markets. Perennial upstart Radiant Capital, which operates on BNB Chain and Arbitrum, received a sizable $10M investment from Binance Labs to help “bridge fragmented liquidity across DeFi.” Finally, review some of the week’s biggest ERC-20 token movements between centralized exchanges in Blockpour On-Chain This Week!

Ethereum Genesis Wallet “Throws it All Away”

An OG $ETH investor from the ICO nearly a decade ago decided to reactivate their dormant wallet this week and move 61,216 $ETH into one of our labeled Kraken CEX wallets. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the owner of the wallet intends to sell their tokens on the platform since they may also stake the $ETH or sell in an OTC trade, the fact they were sent to one of the wallets that are typically used to fund accounts is telling.

An Ethereum Genesis wallet sent $ETH to Kraken.

$ARKM Rises (and Falls)

The much-anticipated $ARKM token from Arkham Intelligence hit the market on Tuesday amid a blizzard of token claims from their website. Users who completed successful referrals were awarded an allotment of tokens. Trading began on-chain on Ethereum’s Uniswap V3 platform with an $ARKM / $WETH liquidity pool. On-chain, the token has a market cap of $87M with $552K in liquidity at the time of publishing, but there are about 3% more buys than sells, suggesting traders like the token.

$ARKM price post-launch

$ARKM price took a plunge the week of launch.

$RDNT Glows on Binance Investment News

Radiant Capital, which operates a decentralized money market platform on Arbitrum and BNB Chain, received an investment from Binance Labs worth $10M this week. As a result, $RDNT price jumped up 12% to just over $0.30, and it became the 6th most traded token on Arbitrum according to our Top Movers tool.

$RDNT price pump

$RDNT price pumped on the news of Binance Labs' investment.

Let's Talk About CEX: The top ERC-20 tokens transferred at centralized exchanges

This section reviews the ERC-20 token transfer flow trends from the largest centralized exchanges (CEXes), such as Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, and Bitmart between July 14 (Happy Bastille Day!) and July 20.


  • Net Flows (USD): +$583,921,308
  • Total Transfers: 210,089 (75,934 IN / 134,155 OUT)

The top five ERC-20 tokens transferred through Coinbase were:

Coinbase token flows 7/14-20


  • Net Flows (USD): 0$91,966,856
  • Total Transfers: 28,761 (9,240 IN / 19,521 OUT)

The top five ERC-20 tokens transferred through Kraken were:

Kraken token flows July 14-20


  • Net Flows (USD): +$13,554,869
  • Total Transfers: 13,086 (5,451 IN / 7,635 OUT)

The top five ERC-20 tokens transferred through Huobi were:

Huobi token flows 7/14-20


  • Net Flows (USD): -$27,550,916
  • Total Transfers: 72,512 (21,565 IN / 50,947 OUT)

The top five ERC-20 tokens transferred through OKX were:

OKX token flows 7/14-20

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