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Blockpour Recon

Crypto reconciliation, compliance, and portfolio management - now easier than ever.

Operate smarter, not harder.

Recon streamlines critical digital asset compliance and accounting processes by addressing key challenges unique to Web3 data.​​

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate data silos with our real-time and fully archival multi-chain datasets. Gain clear insights, even into DeFi transactions.

Simplified Data Integration

Quickly contextualize on-chain data with off-chain data to streamline complex workflows.

Automated Insights

Reduce hours of manual work with on-demand transaction risk analysis, automated reporting, and more.


Cut costs by using a centralized platform with portfolio management, reconciliation, and compliance solutions.

Swift. Simple. Crypto-ready.

From hours to minutes, our solutions simplify complex processes for maximum efficiency.
Learn how Recon optimizes operations across a variety of use cases.

Swift. Simple. Crypto-ready.

From hours to minutes, our solutions simplify complex processes for maximum efficiency. Learn how Recon optimizes operations across a variety of use cases.

Drive transformation in middle and back office operations.


Spend less time on formatting endless spreadsheets and manual tasks, and more on impactful work.


Centralize processes in a single, dynamic platform with enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of operational needs.


Effortlessly organize and scale operations with an enterprise platform designed to grow with your team.

Tap into superior data coverage.

Get unparalleled visibility into the assets, networks, and events you need.

Comprehensive coverage of all the tokens you require, with over 600K+ digital assets supported.

Networks include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonbeam, Optimism, Arbitrum, & Base (with additional EVM and non-EVM integrations on the way).

Query, monitor, and analyze 4.7 billion on-chain swaps and transfers, enriched with data critical to your workflows.

FAQ: Why Recon Suite?

Blockchain explorers let users see transactions, addresses, and other data on a specific blockchain. They're mainly for tracking single transactions or single addresses and exploring blockchain details.

Blockpour Recon, inspired by our clients' needs, streamlines this process. Traditional explorers can be tedious, especially when checking transactions over multiple wallets and networks. Recon automates data retrieval across chains and adds features like tagging wallet addresses, making analysis and reporting more efficient.

Blockpour Recon is tailored for daily operations, merging in-depth on-chain data with key compliance metrics like transaction and counterparty risk. It also evaluates exposure assessment for curated groups of specific wallet addresses, or "Entities," that require monitoring. Unlike traditional blockchain compliance tools that focus on detailed analyses and coin lineage for regulators, Recon balances affordability with a wide operational scope, suitable for diverse use cases.

In collaboration with Merkle Science, a leading Web3 blockchain forensic expert, our mission is to streamline compliance and reporting for Web3 enterprises. By consolidating critical datasets and tooling cost-effectively, we eliminate the need for multiple system investments, setting a new industry standard.

Blockpour Recon is tailored for real-time operational usage, focusing on comprehensive on-chain data, wallet management, and basic compliance metrics. It's designed to help businesses streamline their day-to-day workflows.

Tax and accounting software, on the other hand, are specialized tools primarily aimed at accurately calculating taxes and managing financial records, usually periodically at the end of the year. They focus on financial reporting, tax calculations, and ensuring compliance with tax laws and accounting standards. While they may handle some transaction data, their primary purpose is different from Blockpour Recon's operational and compliance-oriented features.

Blockpour Recon leverages our core technology, a vertically integrated data infrastructure enabling primary source web3 data accessible through enterprise-grade API endpoints. Integrating Recon may speed up development times, specifically through key features such as:

  • Tagging, editing, and deleting wallet addresses with custom entity names. This takes away the need for creating and maintaining your own wallet database.
  • Real-time and archival retrieval of transactions and balances associated with specific addresses or custom entities across different networks through our API. No custom integration into individual blockchains is required if you are looking to enable reconciliation for new networks, tokens, etc.

We encourage you to explore the user interface by scheduling a demo to understand the data points we offer. All data provided can be seamlessly integrated into your custom applications.

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