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Blockpour Enterprise Use Case: Credit Risk Analysis with On-Chain Activities

Blockpour Enterprise Use Cases: Credit Risk Analysis with On-Chain Activities


Credit risk analysis involving blockchain transactions is made easier with Blockpour Recon.


While blockchain technology continues to evolve and reach its potential, it consistently ensures a reliable transaction history for on-chain wallets and tokens.

In the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and virtually every Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible network out there, on-chain activities are all recorded immutably on the blockchain. That data and accessibility to it are extremely important to onboard new users on an institutional scale.

This blog will cover the ways in which Blockpour Recon allows all users, especially those operating crypto payments systems that use Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and other forms of stablecoins, to efficiently and painlessly check and assess the creditworthiness of new clients in order to determine the terms of an offer. Through data retrieval automation, Blockpour Recon offers significant time saving benefits in ways other solutions cannot.

Why Credit Risk Analysis is a Challenge On-Chain

Credit risk analysts at financial firms specializing in payments and credit issuance have nailed down the intricacies of their work within the traditional financial space. Through decades of methodological evolution and the introduction of new technologies that bolster their existing systems, the process is relatively streamlined.

However, while blockchain technology promises so many advancements for financial professionals, the prohibitive learning curve and disjointed integrations into existing systems stir anxiety in the bellies of some credit risk analysts.

Analysts cannot apply the huge databases of decades of consumer activity and sophisticated algorithms used to sift through said information to accurately model and assess risk that includes digital asset transactions. On-chain transactions undermine existing databases and confound the algorithms that track a person’s financial history.

The lack of profiles associated with the multi-chain and multi-wallet activities of an increasing cohort of clients makes it difficult for credit risk analysts to get a comprehensive dataset for implementing know-your-customer (KYC) procedures of new clients. An individual’s wallets would have to be labeled across each network on which they interact to begin tracking their activity in any useful capacity.

New solutions can help credit risk analysts calculate on-chain credit scores, but most payments companies are likely to prefer such solutions to adhere to their own risk modeling. While new solutions may come with impressive and powerful feature sets, they tend to be rigid in application, which can be a non-starter for companies who view dataset capture under their conditions as critical.

Blockpour Recon and Credit Risk Analysis

Blockpour Recon represents a tailor-made solution crafted to address the unique challenges encountered by credit risk analysis operations within the context of digital assets. Following extensive discussions with stakeholders and partners, we have pinpointed the need for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

Blockpour Recon simplifies the task of retrieving and consolidating data from various chains, seamlessly integrates business context through wallet data labeling, and presents this information in a user-friendly format. This results in businesses optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness by unifying multiple processes within a single platform.

Assisting KYC Procedures through Identity Profiles

Unlike other solutions that operate somewhat in a siloed fashion, at a distance from the in-house systems at client businesses, Blockpour Recon accompanies the KYC process to onboard new clients more quickly. Financial firms that deal primarily with payments in the digital assets space, either with CBDC’s or with stablecoins, will enjoy Blockpour Recon’s ability to associate all a new client’s reported wallet addresses across at least 11 networks since genesis to their profile.

In essence, Blockpour Recon facilitates the creation of new datasets regarding digital assets transactions that can be added to existing databases that financial firms have relied on for so long.

Comprehensive Transaction Data Retrieval

Furthermore, payments firms that use Blockpour Recon will quickly find that the automated retrieval of on-chain transaction history across multiple chains for a client going back all the way to the genesis of each of their addresses. This saves their credit risk analysts and middle-office managers countless valuable hours that might otherwise be spent poring over spreadsheets.

For a more detailed exploration of a client’s activities, credit risk analysts can venture into the Transaction Query tool. This tool provides data on real-time and past transfer transactions to and from addresses, offering the flexibility to investigate specific networks, timeframes, and tokens. This robust feature equips analysts with the means to carry out comprehensive inspections, enabling them to vigilantly peruse transaction histories and discover irregularities or identify a model user of financial tools. With a transparent record of funds flowing in and out, organizations can confidently adhere to regulatory requirements and establish a clear and precise financial audit trail.

Blockpour Recon's Portfolio Overview tool offers an all-encompassing perspective on real-time and historical net asset values (NAV) for wallets across different chains. This removes the necessity for analysts to switch between multiple wallet apps or rely on outmoded spreadsheets when conducting research about their clients. Through the utilization of its exclusive node infrastructure, Blockpour simplifies the process of obtaining blockchain balance data right from the inception of addresses. This distinct feature allows for the retrieval of precise balances and historical prices directly from on-chain data.


Equipped with an extensive set of carefully selected features and specialized tools, Blockpour Recon addresses the issues that credit risk analysts are troubled by when faced with the increasing number of clients who are active on-chain. This strategic alignment promotes a seamless exchange of information across credit risk analysis operations. The primary objective is to reduce or even eliminate the requirement for costly, customized in-house solutions and the reduction of investments in various disparate systems dedicated to specific aspects of the credit risk analysis process. The ultimate goal is to enable credit risk analysts to focus their valuable resources on achieving their core analytical goals.

Power up your organization's credit risk analysis capabilities by trying out Blockpour Recon today!

About Blockpour

Blockpour is a technology firm specializing in Web3 data and analytics, offering individuals and businesses indispensable data and tools to navigate the dynamic on-chain universe while bridging seamlessly to the off-chain world.

Through our real-time and historical multi-chain data feeds, businesses and traders can fully unlock the power of blockchain data to inform their strategies, optimize operational efficiency, and drive top-line growth.

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The above article is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice. Blockpour is a data aggregation and analytics platform only and does not provide financial advice or services of any kind.

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