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Frequently Asked Questions


Blockpour is a technology firm that specializes in Web3 data and analytics, providing traders and businesses with the tools and metrics they need to navigate the world of crypto. Users can leverage Blockpour’s real-time multi-chain data feeds via API or intuitive platform interface to identify trends across DEXes, dApps, and AMMs to discover their alpha.

No, Blockpour does not have its own token and there are no plans to introduce one in the future. Our focus remains on delivering superior analytics and insights into the Web3 ecosystem through our robust data platform.

API and integration

At Blockpour, we empower our users with flexible data integration options to enhance their own applications and systems. If you’re interested in direct access to our data, learn more here

You can learn more about Blockpour’s API by visiting our detailed documentation available here. You’ll find comprehensive information on how to use the API, as well as available endpoints, and more. 

Customer support

Certainly, the scope of customer support depends on your chosen plan. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to us via email at [email protected], or open a ticket in our Discord channel. We’re here to help!

Data access and reliability

Absolutely. Blockpour provides a comprehensive data experience, giving you access to both historical trends and real-time market updates. This combination empowers you with valuable insights, supporting intelligent and informed decision-making.

Data integrity is of utmost importance to us at Blockpour. We directly source our data from nodes that we operate in-house on each of the respective blockchains we support. To further strengthen data reliability, we incorporate Chainlink Oracle price feeds where available, and utilize certain Quicknode data as a fallback measure. We are committed to maintaining meticulous data collection and processing processes so that you can rely on our insights for informed decision-making.

Payments & billing

Yes, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time. We understand that circumstances may change, and we want to ensure you have full control over your subscription. 

We do not provide refunds for canceled subscriptions. Once a subscription is canceled, you will continue to have access to the full benefits of your subscription until the end of the current billing cycle. At the conclusion of the billing cycle, your subscription will be terminated, and you will no longer be charged.

Product and service feedback

To provide feedback regarding our platform or services, you’re welcome to send us an email at [email protected] or directly submit your thoughts and suggestions via our Discord channel. Your input is greatly valued as we strive to continuously improve our services and better meet your needs.

Subscription plans

While we don’t provide a guaranteed response time as we do with the Builder or Enterprise plans, we will do our best to respond to questions submitted to [email protected] or submitted through Discord

Currently, we offer a single subscription plan tailored to Alpha seekers like yourself. However, we are continuously expanding our platform to bring you even more functionality and value. Stay tuned as we roll out additional subscription tiers with enhanced features to meet the evolving needs of our users. Your journey with us is just beginning, and we’re committed to providing you with ever-growing options to further amplify your trading success.

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial period for most of our plans, including the Alpha Pro plan. Please note that our Enterprise Plan is exempt from this offer and requires direct engagement with our sales team.

No, it does not. If you are interested in a plan that provides both Alpha Pro access in addition to API access, please check out our Business plan

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