Comprehensive digital asset datasets to power your business

Plug into actionable real-time and historical data feeds with our trusted API to enhance your product or trading strategies.

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Access aggregated data from 100s of decentralized exchanges and 8+ networks

We cover 600K+ trading pairs and billions of indexed trades and events for extensive market visibility.


Core datasets

Our API offers comprehensive real-time and historical multi-chain for all of your on-chain data needs.



Unlock the world of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) with our real-time and historical VWAP pool and token reference data.



We parse the on-chain data so you can track all swaps across supported chains and DEXes, and search by transaction id, liquidity pool, token id, and more!



Make sense of liquidity pool ebbs and flows with our vast real-time and historical multi-chain datasets, which include detailed information and snapshots, events by exchange/token/token id, and events by address.

Data to power a diverse set of use cases

Digital asset datasets optimized to meet your needs.


Access unique multi-chain historical datasets to bring your research ideas to fruition.


Explore our granular on-chain datasets to power your simulations and backtest trading strategies.

Advanced Analytics

Ingest real-time and historical on-chain market data to power your apps, dApps, and product suite.

Pricing & Liquidity

Leverage our comprehensive cryptoasset pricing data such as price, slippage, and multi-chain liquidity for all your valuation needs.

Subscription tiers

Find a plan that best suits your needs.


  • Competitive pricing for early-stage projects, startups, and Web3 power users such as traders or degens
  • Access to real-time and historical multi-chain datasets
  • Unique data points like rug pulls, multi-chain token flows, and more


  • Comprehensive access to our dataset will provide the data points needed to support a diverse set of product offerings and to power your business
  • Higher rate limits and dedicated customer support
  • Extensive archival data access for backtesting and customizable historical queries


  • Ideal for institutions that require customized and unfettered access to Web3 data
  • Access comprehensive digital asset datasets to power new Web3 entrants and crypto-native products and solutions
  • Bespoke service offerings to meet the needs of each client through low-latency data feeds, SLA-backed uptime, dedicated, customizable infrastructure, and more!

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